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Book Recommendations

With so many experts and authors bringing books out weekly, I read and recommend books which I find useful when working with 1:1 clients.


I highly recommend working with a therapist whatever your needs and goals however, if you feel therapy isn't for you... The follow books are a good place to start.

My one piece of advice is read them thoroughly and action what the experts are saying has helped others like you. Without action, fear, anxiety and comfort zones continue to flourish.  Action builds growth, progress and confidence. *

The High five Habit - Mel Robbins - Me again therapy reccomendation.jpg

Mel Robbins is an international bestselling author and one of the leading voices in self-development. She is one of the most booked public speakers globally. With an online coaching programme, podcast and much more. The High 5 Habit along with her social media presence gives you practical skills to overcome however anxiety shows up in your life. Her personable approach talks you through her intrusive thoughts in real life and how she takes action to get unstuck.

The high five habit helps you to take control of your life with one simple habit. Cheering for yourself!

An expert in behaviour, overthinking and the emotions you feel throughout your life. She outlines clear and simple techniques to change habits which are hindering you, challenge your inner thoughts and break free from emotions such as guilt, self-doubt and procrastination. She explains the complex science behind why we continue to do things that don’t help us in a relatable way which helps you understand how to make changes and start seeing the benefit of the changes immediately.

The book is an enjoyable read whilst acting as a reference guide when everything you have learnt goes out of the window and you need step by step instructions to unstick yourself.


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Chatter - Ethan Kross - Me again therapy Recommends.jpg

The Voice in Our Head and How to Harness It – Ethan Kross

Award winning Psychologist explores the inner critic in our heads and how you can turn your critic into a coach. The conversations you have inside your head can either spur you on or sink your mood, set you up and point out all of the mistakes you have made, further confirming your thoughts about yourself.  

Kross explains the science with real-life case studies of how these conversations outline your self-image and the relationships you build. He gives real techniques you can use to recognise your inner voice, change the conversation and empower you to use it to your advantage to thrive. If you feel overwhelmed, if your voice gets louder until you finally listen to it, this is the book for you!

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Breathing techniques can fundamentally change how you can feel in control of your mind and body. Oliver James outlines in this incredible book how to breath correctly, yes there is a more beneficial way ;) and which techniques are scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and build confidence to name a few.

I use these techniques with clients as it gives you some simple skills to feel in control of your mind and body helping you to overcome anxiety both physically and mentally.

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21 Breaths - Breathing techniques to change your Life Oliver James Me again therapy.jpeg
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