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Business Well-being

In the wake of Covid-19, it's never been more critical for business and Human resource leaders to address the mental well-being of their teams. Me again therapy offers proven hypnosis sessions that lead to healthier organisations from the inside out. Knowing you can offer your people alternative therapies to improve their mental and physical health feels great and could not be easier!

Download a free business resource for your teams mental health and sign up below to book a call to see how I can support your team today.

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1:1 Hypnosis

Supporting your team with Online 1:1 sessions allows each individual to work through issues/symptoms which are blockages to their well-being. Being able to give them a focused hour a week, which perhaps they aren't giving themselves can have a fundamental effect on their mental health. 

With appointments held online, clients can attend from the comfort of their own home. Supporting change in a neutral safe space benefits both themselves and the business.

5 individualised sessions which prioritises the well-being of each team member.


Common themes for progress include:

  • Free yourself from Overthinking and reduce Anxiety.

  • Set clear boundaries and Assert yourself with ease.

  • Physical Symptoms of Anxiety, Forgiveness and Acceptance.

  • Let go of past events which are holding you back

  • Build confidence, resilience and think positivity.

(Clients have the opportunity to explore their goals within each session without details disclosed to the business)

Group Hypnosis conducted Online where several team members can work on a common theme. Groups average 6-8 attendee's and offer a taste of hypnosis to the beginner (great for sceptics) and further  self-development opportunities for the interested.

Often adding a new dimension to team building as everyone experiences hypnosis in their own way.

Group Hypnosis often conducted to support:

  • Introduction to Hypnosis

  • Mindfulness 

  • Stress Management

  • Relaxation

  • Sleep Hygiene and sleep techniques

  • Self-Hypnosis

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Group Hypnosis

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