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Driving Anxiety

Overcome your fear of driving so that you can feel confident in the car

Imagine where you could go in the car and drive to if your fear of the road was as simple as waking up and having an inner confidence in yourself and other road users. Imagine feeling relaxed and calm as you approach the journey knowing you can driver anywhere, on any road at any time of day.

I wonder how you’d spend your time when you no longer worry or overthinking all of the possibilities of what could go wrong. Would you spend it planning a road trip for the family next time you can all get away together, or take yourself out for the day for a little solo adventure.

There is lots of fear and anxiety around driving, perhaps you’ve never been a confident driver. You find you’ve lost your confidence over time and now you only like to drive locally putting extra pressure on loved ones if you want to go further afield. Maybe driving after dark is a problem which is increasing getting in the way of your social life.  Imagine no longer having to race home before the night draws in… You might find that you feel ok until someone else is in the car and then you barely hold it together until you drop them off.

However your driving anxiety affects you, this trance-formational audio helps you to take a little time for yourself to breakdown your fear. In it you’ll learn 3 simple techniques that will give you the courage and confidence to get in the car and start to overcome your driving anxiety. It gives you a taster of the power of hypnosis and how you can use it to feel more in control of your mind and build your confidence each and every time you get behind the wheel of your car.

The benefits of self-hypnosis lie in the fact that your subconscious mind knows every part of you and by accessing it you can make changes subconsciously that you can't make consciously no matter how hard to try. And the best bit - you can even do it whilst you sleep!

It has been designed to listen to it again and again, If your mind wanders to a what if thought you can pop this one and dream of enjoying your next journey. 

Free hypnosis driving anxiety
Road Trip


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1:1 Hypnosis for Driving Anxiety

I give anxious women drivers the confidence to get in the car, driving anywhere and at any time.


My 1:1 work brings out the confident driver you know you can be! Resolving the root cause of overwhelm and panic overcoming your driving phobia with it

Self-Hypnosis for Fear of Driving

Explore our package of self-hypnosis audio's to finally release whatever's blocking you from driving confidently

(when no amount of overthinking is doing the trick!)

Overcome your fear of junctions, islands, motorways and driving at night with Me again therapy.

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