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Take a moment with me again therapy # 2

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Take a moment with me from Me again therapy. These mini meditations offer you a glimpse into what hypnosis is like so if you are new to hypnosis or if you've enjoyed our sessions and what an extra boost before the next one enjoy some time to take a moment with me.

Imagine taking a trip to the mountains, the awe inspiring views, a trek and yet satisfying as you reach the top. In hypnosis you can go anywhere you wish. An adventurous hike on a sunny day where you may meet the wisest of people along with way. I wonder which mountain you'll find yourself on, one familiar to you or another that you've always dreamed of visiting. Who will you meet along the way, yourself or someone new...?

So... sit back, relax and clear 10 minutes to take a moment with me. Experience a meditation which will take you to your favour destination and help you to clear any worries from your day. Take a moment with me.

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