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Unhealthy anxieties and fears develop through unconsciously practising fearful thoughts and feelings, even the language we use can talk us into taking action or talk us out of it and keep us safe in our comfort zone. Whether it's a driving anxiety, a flying phobia or a fear of making a fool of yourself, these fears initially had a positive intention however over time they became more problematic as we search to consider all eventualities so we are prepared for them, all the time practicing these fearful thoughts and feelings teaching our mind to be more and more fearful. 

Me again therapy's library of trance-formational Self-hypnosis programmes utilises self-hypnosis for driving anxiety to help you to overcome driving anxiety and give you the skills to cope on a subconscious level. These programmes have been designed to build your confidence and  resilience with each and every listen, enabling you to feel comfortable to relax, allowing your subconscious mind to make positive changes where perhaps your conscious mind has felt overwhelmed to do so. and the best bit is you can listen whilst you sleep. the subconscious mind is that part of you mind which is always listening so conscious or sleeping self-hypnosis for driving anxiety can be very effective. 

All self-hypnosis downloads have been designed based on actual client experiences. Having spent the last three years working with hypnosis for driving anxiety's. Me again therapy has been able to design these programmes on their successes. 


Imagine being able to overcome that junction you avoid, perhaps you always turn left to avoid turning right at the traffic lights, worried about delaying other drivers. Imagine how great it would feel to overcome your fear simply by listening to a self-hypnosis download whilst you sleep.

How about being able to take that long overdue journey to see a family member and enjoying your time in the car. Self-hypnosis for driving anxiety can help you to overcome your fear of motorways so that you can make that journey with ease.

Perhaps you biggest fear is an island which stops you shopping at your favourite shopping centre? Imagine being able to confidently manoeuvre through and around that island, self hypnosis for overcoming the fear of islands can help you to do this. 

I wonder how good it would feel to know you can accept any invite because you can drive at any time of day or night. Overcome your fear of night driving with Me again therapy's self-hypnosis for driving anxiety will help you to have the social life you wish you had.

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If you'd rather get to the root of your anxiety or fear quicker on a 1:1 basis book a no obligation, fully confidential conversation today to discuss your next steps... and be one step closer to feeling like you again!

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