Trance-formational Self-hypnosis Library

Unhealthy anxieties and fears develop through unconsciously practising fearful thoughts, habits and feelings, even the language we use can talk us into taking action or talk us out of it and keep us safe in our comfort zone. Whether it's a driving anxiety, a flying phobia or a fear of making a fool of yourself, these fears initially had a positive intention however over time they became more problematic as we search to consider all eventualities so we are prepared for them.

Me again therapy's library of transformational Self-hypnosis programmes help you to overcome anxiety, fear and phobia's and give you the skills to cope on a subconscious level. These programmes have been designed to build your confidence and  resilience with each and every listen, enabling you to feel comfortable to relaxed, allow your subconscious mind to make positive changes where perhaps your conscious mind has struggled to do so.