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Helping you to reduce anxiety, build your confidence so that you can Enjoy Driving

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Helping you to feel Calm, Relax, build Confidence,

Positivity and Resilience


Me again therapy's Self-hypnosis downloads give you the skills to cope with life. Available whenever you need them and the best part is that you can even listen to them as you sleep

Long Road

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Sign up to find out more about Me again therapy's Free Masterclass to Understand driving anxiety what you can do to fix it!

Celebrate overcoming of driving anxiety - Me again therapy amaxophobia
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Me again therapy - Online hypnosis

 Me Again Method

Imagine getting into bed each evening excited for your journey tomorrow, able to drift off to a peaceful nights sleep without the endless rabbit hole of what if thinking which rationally you know won't happen...

During 1:1 sessions together we look at your driving goals, how anxiety effects your focus, mind, emotions and your body to systematically make changes that feel right for you to ensure that when you get in the car you're excited about where the road may take you...

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Are you curious about creating better habits, taming your inner critic and feeling more aligned with your purpose?

Wellness lab is a monthly online event helping you to prioritise your wellbeing in whatever way feels right for you

Join Me Jodie Phillips and my Co-host Gemma Perella for self growth, relaxation and so much more...

Wellness Lab - Growth Mindset Sept 24

Me again therapy's Blog 

Me again therapy's blog explore's all elements of anxiety, answers frequently asked questions  and takes a look at what hypnosis feel's like and much more

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