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Me again therapy

Stop Overthinking and feel in control of your mind

Helping you to overcome what feel's like the biggest road block to you enjoying life

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Free Hypnosis audio - Overcome Driving Anxiety

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety exists in your habits, thoughts, feelings and physically in your body. Some have always had it where as others instinctively know when it first started, how you cope when anxiety rises can be the difference between struggling in fear and learning how to enjoy living

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About Jodie 

Trance-formational Library

Helping you to build inner resources such as confidence, positivity and resilience - Me again therapy's self-hypnosis audio's give you the skills to cope on a subconscious level,  and the best part is that you can even listen to them as you sleep.

This Girl Chills

🤔 Do you ever feel like you are giving to others and forgetting about yourself?

Are you looking for a way to be more self-compassionate🥰, relaxed 😇 or energised ⚡?

This Girl Chills is a space which helps you to commit to your own wellbeing... because we all know that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Each month our facilitators guide you through a different wellbeing topic, providing you with:

🌼 Tools and reflection activities to take into your life

🌼 Background theory to raise self-awareness

🌼 Meditations and visualisation tools to support your mood

🌼 A guided skincare routine for indulgence and self love

Your 90 minute commitment to yourself means that you can build some essential wellbeing time into your week and take valuable insights into your work and personal life.


Me again therapy's blog explore's the causes of anxiety, gives advice of how to feel more in control and gives you a taster of what hypnosis can be as part of your wellbeing.

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