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Me again therapy

Empowering you to overcome fear behind the wheel and become the confident driver you know you can be.

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I can talk about my clients successes all day long but It means more to hear is their own words. 

"You worked your Magic!"

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If you feel overwhelmed, worried and anxious about what others seems to find easy, you'd like overcome your fear of driving download this free self hypnosis audio.

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This 3-week trance-formational self-hypnosis programme can help you to finally break free from paralysing nerves and overcome your fear of learning to drive.

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Each month I share insights, tips and advice for anyone struggling with anxiety, overthinking and overwhelm.

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I'm all in! Sign me up

Book a session at a time which suits you, from the comfort of your own home. (All appointments conducted via Zoom).

Me again therapy self hypnosis

Take therapy into your own hands with Me again therapy's library of self hypnosis programmes.

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It all starts with a chat, Book in for a free discovery chat to discuss how Me again therapy can help you to overcome anxiety.

Fear of driving @me again therapy

Overcome your fear of the road at your own pace in your own time.

Shop the Me again therapy library now!

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