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 Me Again Method

1:1 support to reduce your anxiety, feel calm and confident to
enjoy driving

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Welcome to the
Me again Method

This hypnotic approach encompasses 5 sessions to reduce anxiety, build calm and confidence to get in the car and just go! The Me again method focuses on 4 Key elements, to make clear and doable changes, stop automatic negative thinking, build your confidence so that you can feel in control on the road no longer wondering what happened to all of my confidence

Imagine getting into bed each evening excited for your journey tomorrow, able to drift off to a peaceful nights sleep without the endless rabbit hole of what if thinking which rationally you know won't happen...

Together we look at your driving goals, how anxiety effects your focus, mind, emotions and sensations to systematically make changes that feel right for you to ensure that when you get in the car you're excited about where the road may take you...

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"Jodie is such a lovely warm person and made me feel very comfortable from day one. Each week we would go through the stumbling blocks that I was experiencing, and through hypnosis Jodie would talk to my subconscious and help me to find the solutions and gave me the tools to help myself.

After each session I became more confident and felt able to achieve things that I never thought would be possible."

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Me again method

Feel fully supported as you:

Focus on resetting your fight and flight response and allow anxiety to act in a normal way no longer needing to be on Red alert all of the time!

Make changes to your subconscious mind so that you can take small actions each day to enjoy driving again

Release old feelings which have been holding you back and affecting your confidence behind the wheel

Feel calm and release tension so that you can feel in control each and every time you get in the car

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"I realised it was that story again, I decided I'd own it, I can handle it, I reassured panicked me and I feel so happy. I've done it once and I'm going to do it again. So thank you!"

Say Goodbye to:

Avoiding roads which at some point you've decided are no go zones

Sleepless nights worrying about what could happen,...what if I crashed the car, what if someone crashed into me, what if I break down!!

you get the gist...

Feeling Panic and Fear that you're going to pass out behind the wheel

Seeing danger every time you get in the car, fearful of every little thing

Living in judgement from other drivers and more importantly that critical voice inside your head

Sign me up!


My name is Jodie...

I overcame driving anxiety in 2015 having wondered endless where my confidence had gone, I used to be such a confident driver. I felt like I had it one day and it was gone the next!

I see so many women struggling - Consumed by their fear of driving. The constant thoughts of What if the worst thing happens? Convincing themselves they can get onto the motorway today and at the last minute taking a detour onto an A road, eroding what little confidence they have further. SO exhausted by the never ending cycle of considering all possible scenarios before being able to commit to plans with friends.

Having re-trained as a hypnotherapist in 2020 I started working with anxious women drivers to overcome their fear of the road so that they can confidently get in the car and drive anywhere at anytime. Since then I've developed the Me again method to give you the space and time to make it a priority for you to reduce your anxiety and build your courage, resilience and confidence to enjoy driving again!

I'm here to tell you it's possible! I'm living proof that YOU to can go from struggling to drive to the shops to conquering the road of your nightmares!


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I am passionate about helping you to reduce your anxiety, feel in control and feel confident to drive

What to expect:

Discovery - A deep dive into how anxiety shows up in your life, your focus on driving & anxiety, your thoughts & beliefs, significant events or emotions related to driving. An introduction to Hypnosis

Access to all supporting exercises, techniques and models which will be discussed at each stage of therapy in line with the MA method.

Focus - Setting a clear goal for Driving Freedom (Learn how to calm your fight/flight response)

Mind - Learn the thoughts and beliefs which support your growth in confidence and lean into them able to recognise and challenge the thoughts/beliefs which hold you back.

Feels - Identifying any significant events/emotions associated with driving and release and let go.

Body - Clearing where anxiety & tension resides, feeling lighter and noticing the joy in your driving experience

Are you ready to take committed action?

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Build your confidence to drive in a way that energies you, gets the results you are craving for and is perfectly aligned with your life

Because if you don't make these changes now, then when?

More women than every are working full time, managing family life, looking after businesses as well as supporting aging relatives and dare I say it trying to have a social life

But there is a problem, and we need to talk about it...

When we try to have it all, spinning 100 plates, putting others first and keeping so busy that we don't have time to deal with what is day by day becoming the biggest obstacle we need to overcome and yet we don't even have the time to go to the toilet. This avoidance shows up like:

Lowering confidence and becoming more and more skilled at getting out of things which require you to drive further a field than you feel comfortable doing

Keeping your fear of driving to yourself, isolating yourself from all of the other women who can get in the car and drive easily, others may even think that you park further away so that you can get some extra steps in but you know the real shameful reason you park at the other end of the car park

Using those quiet moments before you go to sleep to torture yourself imaging all the worse case what if scenarios which 'could' happen when driving in an attempt to feel safe

Avoiding certain roads, area's and motorways waiting for your confidence to return rather than getting the support, feeling the fear and doing it anyway

Lots of women learn to drive to be independent, able to chase the dream, job, relationship and life that they want essential Driving Freedom and end up...

Overwhelmed, exhausted, feeling all alone and anxious as they desperately try to understand where their confidence disappeared to. Spending all of their time avoiding driving and stuck in irrational thinking. Isolation themselves even further as they think that everyone else easily enjoys driving and that they are the only one who can't do it. When they do get in the car white-knuckling it they see danger everywhere, criticising their own driving thinking that every other driver and the roads are the problem. Ultimately ending the day in an endless loop of overwhelmed and exhaustion.

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And is it any wonder when you think about it?

Most of use learnt that Women drivers are less accomplished than Men, If we see a questionable driver we check to see what gender they are judging them before we can even see them. We allow our partners to take the lead when we go out for the day because of their need to feel 'alfa' and in control proceeds our own. Instead of learning to be the confident driver that takes control of the journey ourselves, asserting ourselves that judgement of our driving in not warranted we do the easy think and take the passenger seat all the while listening to their judgement of other 'idiot' drivers!

We keep our worries and overthinking to ourselves because of a fear that even other women will think we are insane or oversensitive

But until you've built your confidence, driving won't feel natural and Free

So, if you're an anxious women driver right now, let me ask you this...

Can you afford NOT to take action and risking staying stuck, avoiding all roads, never reaching that freedom you've been dreaming about, feeling overwhelmed, like your mind is out of control and eventually, admitting defeat and giving up driving all together?

If you want to:

Starting working towards Driving freedom

Change your beliefs which keep you anxiously stuck and start driving on roads which make your life easier

Reduce anxiety and feel good each and every time you get in the car

Release tension and emotions and build your confidence and actually flippin' enjoy driving again!

Then you are absolutely in the right place!

Now is the time to ditch overwhelm, create time and space to STOP continually looking for danger (to feel safe) And instead commit to recognising unhelpful beliefs around driving for what they really are AND learn to calm your fight and flight response you can start to feel calm and safe when driving. Building you confidence each time you get in the car.

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This is for you if

Are struggling with Worry, Overthinking or Anxiety

You often feel overwhelmed when driving or thinking about driving

You either avoid all driving or your anxiety relates to specific roads, junctions or driving further a field

Rationally you know you can drive and yet you feel afraid doing it

You lack confidence when driving, feeling like to had it one day and it was gone the next

You feel a sense of panic behind the wheel

Motor Scooter Drivers

This is not for you if

Gaining more Courage, Confidence and the skills to overcoming anxiety is not a priority for you

You're not willing to be challenged or to do things that you've not done yet

You aren't open to trying things that you can't tangibly hold in your hand or fully explain

" Well what can I say! When people talk about hypnosis, you imagine the shows on the television or at the theatre and it reminds you of a group of people getting ‘hypnotised’ and when a bell rings the participants walk around clucking like chickens. This is for entertainment purposes only! "

"Real hypnosis is something that can actually make a positive difference to your life – a life worth living."

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