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Wellness Lab

Helping you to prioritise your wellbeing

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Wellness Lab

Are you curious about creating better habits, taming your inner critic and feeling more aligned with your purpose?

Wellness lab is a monthly online event helping you to prioritise your wellbeing in whatever way feels right for you

Join Me Jodie Phillips and Co-host Gemma Perella for self growth, relaxation and so much more...

Are you always giving to others and forgetting yourself?

Are you juggling loads and finding it hard to find a healthy balance?

Do you find it hard to follow through on the wellness goals you set for yourself?


You are not alone.

Wellness Lab is here to help you make time for yourself, empower you with wellbeing activities and support your personal growth.

Each month you can expect

  • A deep dive into a different aspect of your wellbeing

  • Tried and tested tools for you to experiment with

  • A safe space to ask questions and share

  • Meditations and visualisations to help you find calm

  • Action planning prompts to hold you accountable


Join us in April for: Wheel of life

Do you sometimes feel like things are out of balance? Like you are losing track of your goals or not putting time into the things that matter most? - It's an easy pitfall for us all.

We want to show you a simple but powerful tool for reflecting on where you are now and where you want to go - all whilst keeping the parts of your life in balance.

This session will help you to celebrate the things that are going well for you, to define what a happy and meaningful life looks like for you and to set small, intentional goals to bring more balance into your life.

This online session is designed to be as interactive or passive as you wish. You are most welcome to ask questions, share challenges and discuss your ideas. You are equally welcome to join with your camera off and just listen in.

Join us April 18th at 1pm to discover more and relax a little

Wellness Lab - Me again therapy April 2024

Book future Wellness Lab events...

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Join us in May for: Embracing Vulnerability

Do you hide away from being vulnerable? Maybe you think vulnerability is a weakness or that engaging with your feelings and fears is too big a risk.

We get it. Being vulnerable isn't easy - but it is a beautiful opportunity for us to be courageous, show up as our authentic selves and build trusting connections with others. And for those reasons, vulnerability is totally worth it.

This session will help you to explore what vulnerability means, what may be holding you back and how you can bring authentic living into your life in small but powerful ways.

Helping you to prioritise your wellbeing

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