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Jodie Phillips Hypnotherapist me again therapy

I've made it my mission to empower you to free yourself from Overthinking, reset anxiety levels and build resilience and confidence to overcome the what if's and cope with life's problems no matter how big or small they feel.

I like to thoroughly understand the issue, habit and symptoms in order to build the best sessions for you. Understanding your goals, what motivates you, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs helps me to ensure you gain the most from our sessions together. Giving you the ability to work through issues as they arise.

Anxiety is simply the fear of fear, It's being afraid of an imagined future and thinking you can't deal with it emotionally. These fears maybe based on a traumatic experience from your past or they can be an perceived fear. Something we are very good at is imagining our future however, when you imagine that you can't handle a future event, you already feel what you think you can't deal with.

Often clients will state that "Rationally I know it's never going to happen but I can't shake the feeling that something out of my control will happen" and because your mind can't tell the difference between what is real and what you imagine you react equally as strongly to both.

When you focus on the anxiety, you make it seem even more real in your mind and because your mind can't distinguish between the two it recognises your feelings of your thoughts, essentially you are responding to your thoughts not your reality, often becoming more and more fearful the more you think about it.

Hypnosis helps with a change of thinking so feelings are reflective of your actual life (not a perceived reality) it helps you to safely and securely let go on any past feelings, thoughts and behaviours which are no longer helpful and helps you to build the confidence to do the things that you want to do.

There are many ways to work with Jodie from Me again therapy.

Shop Hypnosis Audios

Me again's Trance-formational Library consists of downloadable audio for you to make improvements in your own time. Shop the Library to find audio's to suit your needs.


Book a Free exploration call

Exploration calls are an opportunity for you to discuss any issues, concerns and to learn how Jodie can support you to overcome them and achieve your goals. It is so important you find the right therapist for you and for this reason discovery calls are Free of charge with zero obligation to book an appointment. Please ensure you have booked an exploration call before booking any hypnosis appointments. 

Book in Person Hypnosis

If you are local to Warwickshire, Jodie works in person with clients from a local treatment room. Whilst in person appointments are great and rapport can be established quicker there are little difference between in person and online hypnosis appointments. (please note there is a £10 additional charge for room hire) Clarity wellbeing is a well is located in Nuneaton Town centre and Weddington Road Nuneaton

Book an Online Hypnosis

90% of Me again therapy's appointments take place online, with previous clients logging in from the UK, South Africa, Amsterdam, California and New York the only limitations are the time difference between your location and ours.

Wellness Workshops

Jodie co-hosts a monthly online wellness workshop called WELLNESS LAB in collaboration with This Girl Community. These workshops are a great way to make your well being a priority, meet like-minded Women and to explore your personal wellness journey. 

Client Stories

Female Portrait

Online Anxiety Support

Jodie worked well with me to establish what I wanted to get out of the sessions and what my goals were. I was initially a little hesitant about the support being offered online rather than face to face but receiving support in my own home in a room that I feel comfortable in was really relaxing. Jodie was very easy to talk to and feel comfortable with.


As the sessions progressed, new challenges and anxieties appeared in my life and Jodie was able to make changes to the sessions to deal with new challenges I was facing. I found this useful and feel that I am now in a much better place, both at home and at work.

Male Student

Anxiety Management

To anyone thinking that they might benefit from this support I would highly recommend hypnotherapy as an alternative therapy. It has given me tools to manage my own anxieties better and given me confidence to feel that I can manage any other challenges that I might face more successfully.


My partner has commented throughout my hypnotherapy journey that he can see a change in me and can see me being more able to manage my own anxieties better and have been calmer and more relaxed both in and out of work.

Young Female Student

Anxiety/Confidence Client

Well what can I say? It’s been an interesting journey that I have been taken on. I can’t say that I 100% believe that it’s worked but then in the next breath I feel a lot calmer in stressful situations. The feeling of hypnotherapy was one of pre-sleep for me, I could fully hear everything that was being said and react when asked, I was aware if I wasn’t comfortable and could readjust myself if needed but didn’t quite find in necessary. I would be relaxed in my chair listening but feeling a calm but heavy feeling in my body which prevented me from moving or wanting to move. All very unusual but you get used to it very quickly.

Jodie spent time explaining every aspect of the journey and recapping the following week. She has made me look at situations differently and even provided me with self help that I can share with my family too.

I went into this experience open minded but with the thought in the back of my head whether or not would it work. I can categorically say ‘well something did!’

I would highly recommend hypnosis for people that want to explore their options of self help without medication.

Young Man with Arm Tattoo

Work Anxiety Client

I have just completed my hypnotherapy sessions with Jodie at Me again therapy and I have loved and looked forward to every single session.


Each week the sessions have each got better and I have learnt various techniques throughout which I have used over the past weeks and will continue to use in the future.


Today was my last session and even though I am disappointed that I will not be seeing Jodie during weekly as I have enjoyed them so much, but I am so proud and thankful of the progress that Jodie has helped me to make.

Black and White Portrait of a Male

Anxiety/Confidence Client


I had anxiety which was a lot bigger than I even knew! I chose to go to Me Again Therapy as a friend recommended it to me.


I honestly don’t know how the problem was solved. I think it was through working on my self belief but also changing the images in my head and being in control of my thoughts. The sessions were all very unique and tailored to me.


To summarise my experience as a whole would be mind blowing, sometimes I reflect on how far I have come and can’t even remember most of my anxieties. I would definitely recommend Me Again Therapy and already have! I didn’t know it was possible to reduce my anxiety so much.

Female Portrait

Loss of Control Client

I had an overwhelming sense of being lost, and completely out of control, the only way I could describe the way I was feeling was SAD.  I looked okay and I'm sure my work colleagues would have not been able to guess how I was feeling as I put on my happy mask every day, although that seemed to be getting harder and harder. 

I was recommended Jodie as someone who could help, I was a bit sceptical, would this work for me. I had tried hypnotherapy a few years back, so why would this be any different, however I had nothing to lose. 

The session provided me with a safe space to talk about the issues I felt I had. Jodie has a beautiful, kind way of asking questions about the messages we all tell ourselves every day, I did not feel judged or patronised, it was just a conversation.  Which identified areas which Jodie picked up on and tailored each session accordingly. 

This experience, I feel, has made me feel more positive about myself and enjoy feeling like me again. 

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