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About Jodie Phillips D.hyp

Our Story

I call it Our story as Anxiety affects us all in one way or another. Anxiety gets a bad wrap really, but the truth is we all need it in a healthy dose. When it's at it's best and working for us, it's what protects us and keep us safe however, when out of control it can limit us from living our lives by keep us too safe, fearful of all things out of our control.


Anxiety and I

My experience of anxiety or so I thought started 7 years ago, I was working in a high stress managerial position where I loved working hard, as many hours as it took and I prided myself on multi-tasking, I wasn't very good however at listening to the signals my mind and body were telling me and I found myself burnt out. True to form I kept on going, putting other priorities before my own. Thankfully my mind had finally had enough and took over. What started as an ear infection and inner ear imbalance quickly developed into a panic attack when driving (my mind's way of getting me to slow down and rest.) I went from driving 400 miles a week to being unable to drive a mile without severe driving anxiety. I found that decisions I used to make easily I started to second, third and 5th guess. I felt like I was living a duel life, a mask I wore for work, family and friends and my anxiety ridden self alone or not engaged in conversation. I had lost the care free independent me because every thought (car related or not) involved having to consider every possible out come. When driving I would panic even if I thought I might end up within 5 miles of a motorway never mind actually attempting to get on one. In the moment on the motorway I had a fixed belief that I would kill myself and everyone else on the road and from that moment onwards every time I got in the far I was afraid. (To download your free hypnosis audio to free yourself from driving anxiety click here).

Hypnosis helped me to make some changes in my life. Through the course of a few sessions I learned to recognise that my mind was doing to keep me safe, I learned how to reset my anxiety response and take back control to manage day to day life and reserve my panic response for when I actually needed it. I build my confidence in driving again and practised seeing myself driving well and in control, so that when I got back behind the wheel driving was an automatic relaxed experience once again. As this happened my life returned to normality with the healthy changes I had made to overcome my driving phobia. I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did for myself. The changes I made are still in place today and instead of ignoring the signs I work with them to feel calm and relaxed whenever I feel anxious. 

Since then I have made it my mission to support others to understand how anxiety affects them and work with them both in and out of hypnosis to make healthy changes to their habits, feelings and thinking patterns to live more calmly, so that they can look forward to the future without worry. 

If this resonates with you and you're curious about how hypnosis can help you book a discovery call and we can discuss how I can help you.


Professional Credentials

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