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About Jodie Phillips D.hyp

The change that can be achieved during hypnosis continues to amaze and inspire me

Hello, My name is Jodie and I help overwhelmed women to overcome anxiety, fear and phobia’s. I used hypnosis to overcome a severe driving anxiety myself many years ago. From that moment I was fascinated in hypnosis. I spent all of my spare time researching and reading about how hypnosis works. In 2018, I finally took the plunge and signed up for a day learning how to hypnotize. After an hour of tutorage, we were let loose on our fellow participants. From the very first moment I hypnotized someone, I was hooked! I signed up for training the same day. I knew I wanted to help others to overcome anxiety the same way I had. The change that can be achieved during hypnosis continues to amaze and inspire me.

How anxiety affected me

When I developed anxiety I really didn’t like the way my mind would spiral into the worst case scenario’s. The more I tried to consider all options the bigger the rabbit hole I went down. I’d never really considered myself a worrier. So when my mind was consumed all day, every day with worrying, I felt like I was going crazy. At the time I was responsible for making many decisions at work. Gradually I had started to second guess all of them. I filled by life 'being busy', working hard and fitting in as many things as I could, all of this leading to burnout (I believe my mind and body’s way to get me to stop and rest)


Rest - this was something I also struggled with. The concept of rest was foreign to me. If I wasn’t working I’d be hiking a mountain or running a 10K race. Often volunteering for something I didn’t need to, or more likely even wanted to do. At the time though, I was convinced I was doing everything right! Running to counteract stress. Going out to have fun, laughing, working, achieving. Living my best life right? (P.s if you struggle to relax, try one of Me gain therapy’s 10-minute audio and take a moment for yourself)

But when I’d get in the car I would panic even if I thought I might end up within 5 miles of a motorway, never mind actually attempting to get on one. I’d developed vertigo and travelling of any kind was a challenge, but I had a job to do so I couldn’t stop. I’d often arrive home and feel like part of me arrived minutes later. Even though I knew I wasn’t right I kept going. That was until I had a panic attack on the motorway travelling at 70mph overtaking a HGV lorry. (Blog post - How my panic attack felt like an out-of-body experience). At that moment I had a fixed belief that I would kill myself and everyone else on the road.  From that moment onwards every time I got in the far I was afraid. And yet, I couldn’t help thinking about where all of my confidence had gone. I used to be able to do it, why can’t I now?


In the past I had loved driving and although it took me a few tests to pass I knew I was a good driver. When I was struggling with anxiety and couldn’t get in the car without a list of things to help me feel safe. Examples included; a phone charger in case I broke down. A bottle of water as my mouth was eternally dry probably because I was sweating so much! Mostly, I’d feel dizzy and then I’d convince myself I was going to pass out and then spiral even deeper into what if thinking (what if I caused an accident, what if I broke down in the middle of nowhere, what if I couldn’t get home, what if, what if, what if!!!!) At one point I was so fearful to remove my hand from the wheel to change gear because I thought I might slide off the side of the road.  I know that sounds irrational but that’s what my mind was telling me, and I was so afraid that I thought it might actually happen.


When it started to affect all areas of my life I knew I need to get help. I’d always been self-assured but because of how worried I was to get in the car I started to opt out other things like seeing my friends or having dinner somewhere new. If it wasn’t somewhere I was familiar with, if there was a chance I might have to drive in the dark or if there was a sniff of a motorway near the venue I’d cancel. I’d started avoiding motorways convinced this was where the problem was but in reality I was struggling to drive a mile to the local shop. Soon, it was taking me twice as long to get anywhere. My super planning had gone into overdrive, I was now an expert in roadworks and weather, so I could consider if I could get somewhere or not. My job involved covering a large area of the UK my usual week would involve driving 400 miles but at my worst I was struggling to drive a mile without having a sleepless night.

I learned through hypnotherapy to recognize that my mind was doing all of these things to keep me safe, I learned how to reset my anxiety response and take back control of my thoughts. I now reserve panic for when I actually needed it (not because a crisp packet got a little too close for my liking). I know this sound ridiculous, but it’s true) I build my confidence to driving again and practised seeing myself driving well and in control, so that when I got back behind the wheel driving was an enjoyable once again. As this happened my life returned to normality with the changes I had made to overcome my driving phobia having an impact across all of my life. I stopped second guessing myself. I stopped reliving conversations I'd had in my head. I stopped feeling dizzy now I have the tools to calm myself. I stopped checking the weather forecast before every drive.

A little about me

I spent the early part of my career developing retail teams in the surf, snow and skate industry. I’m pretty handy on a snowboard, but it took me leaving to finally find the time to learn to skate. Since becoming a hypnotherapist my personal wellbeing focus has centred around Yoga, Meditation and Self-hypnosis. I believe the mind, body and spirit connection is more relevant than we realize. I have a slight addiction to house plants, sooner or later they are going to take over my home.


As a vegetarian I love to cook. I enjoy creating new recipes to fuel a good day’s hike in the Malvern hills or Brecon Beacons. Outdoor is where I am happiest. Having spent too many years on motorways, I take any opportunity to get outdoor now. I work hard to maintain a life/work balance.


As you can imagine working with different clients' means I gain insight in how anxiety plays a part in their life. I love learning new techniques to further enhance their sessions and develop my practise. I love to read and test new theories, so I can effectively advise you on which books are best for you should you decide to venture it alone. (check out Me again therapy's book recommendations here)

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I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did for myself

I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did for myself. As I start to feel more confident to drive, I started believing in myself a little more. When an opportunity to go to Australia arose I jumped at it because I knew I was ready. I’d need to drive whilst I was there and knew I had everything I needed to do it. The changes I made are still in place today and instead of ignoring any signs I work with them to feel calm and relaxed whenever I feel anxious. Motorways no longer phase me as I resolved the root cause of the fear and I look forward to a day out regardless of the route. I am pleased to say that I do know how to relax and can say no to invites, I still love to get out in nature, hiking and running, but now I get to do it because I enjoy it not in an attempt to balance the stress in my life. I give myself permission to rest more, and I put myself first. Knowing that I can only be the best person for my friends, family and clients when I am taking care of myself first. 'I feel like me again'.

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Since launching Me again therapy, I have made it my mission to support others to understand how anxiety affects them. Work with them both in and out of hypnosis to make healthy changes to their habits, feelings and thoughts to live more confidently, so that they can look forward to the future without worry.

And since 2020 I have developed the Me again method to help you to focus on what you want from life, end overthinking so that you can take committed action to overcome your fear and enjoy living. Sounds simple right? check on the Me again method and how it can help you below.

There are many stressful times in your lives such as exams, driving tests, interviewing, marriages, divorces, fears, phobia’s and traumatic events which are out of your control. Middle age can bring its own challenges with anxiety and confidence fluctuating as you transition through life. If this resonates with you, you’re ready to put yourself first, and you're curious about how I can help you it all starts with a chat, continue to make some time to find out more.

Professional Credentials

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