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 Me Again Method

1:1 support to reduce your anxiety, feel calm and confident to
enjoy driving Freedom - Investment value - £460.00

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The Me again method is dedicated to giving you the Time and space to master Focus, Mind, Feels and Body to driving Freedom!

In this 1:1 experience you will receive my full support, over 5 therapy sessions so that you are building your confidence from a solid foundation that creates road Freedom without the anxiety

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Long term driving confidence is built on strong foundations (elements)

If you have followed me for a while you will know that I am absolutely committed to showing Women how to overcome their fear of driving, in a do-able way that feel's right for them, leaving worry, overthinking and sleepless nights in the past

Together, we'll grow your confidence in the 4 elements of the me again method to focus on your goal to enjoy driving again, Recognise thoughts which are supporting your growth from the ones which hinder you, Release emotions which may have been holding you back and keeping you trapped in the Fear and checking in with your body so that YOU feel in control to reduce anxiety and get in the car and drive anywhere with ease

This supportive 1:1 Hypnosis experience is for Anxious women drivers who desire to step into conquering your anxiety and the road without second guessing yourself the car, road and other drivers

When you sign up to the Me again method you receive access to 5 dedicated sessions to integrate the Me again Method, so that you can find a way to calm your anxiety, build confidence and are able to rest and feel more calm that ever before.

These include:

Discovery - A deep dive into how anxiety shows up for you, your focus on driving and anxiety, your thoughts and the language you use, significant events or emotions related to driving and where anxiety feels or sits in your body

Access to all supporting exercises, techniques and models which will be discussed at each stage of therapy in line with the Me again method

Focus - Setting a clear goal for Driving Freedom (Learn how to calm your fight/flight response)

Mind - Learn the thoughts and beliefs which support your growth in confidence and lean into them able to recognise and challenge the thoughts/beliefs which hold you back

Feels - Identifying significant times and Releasing emotions associated with driving

Body - Clearing where anxiety sits with you, feeling lighter and noticing the joy in your driving experience

Each session walks you through the steps to take action, make changes, build your confidence and effortlessly enjoy driving again

We'll work through your individual needs, measure your success, update unhelpful beliefs and release associated emotions so that you can get in the car no longer thinking about driving, able to automatically drive like so many others can

The profound impact and game changing simplicity of this method has blown me away, with clients ready to get in the car and enjoy driving Freedom

Master the basic's of the Me again method, focus on Driving freedom, updating your thoughts and beliefs around driving, take control of your mind, body and the road and feel good doing it

You can sign up for Overcome your driving anxiety now and book your first session to deep dive into how driving anxiety effects you and start calming your mind with Hypnosis

When you sign up to Drive with Confidence

Access to supporting techniques so that you can start calming your mind immediately + additional techniques and models delivered at each stage of therapy

5 x 1:1 Hypnosis therapy sessions with Jodie

Total transformation in your energy, thoughts and feelings around driving

Investment Value: £469.00

"What an amazing journey I have been taken on!  I have learnt things about myself that I wasn’t consciously aware of and Jodie has enabled me to accept and adjust my life to deal with them.  My focus has changed and my confidence has been built and I can feel I'm growing from it.  I would highly recommend Jodie for anyone who wishes to address aspects of their mental or physical wellbeing that they would like help to change."


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