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Self-hypnosis Library

The benefits of self-hypnosis lie in the fact that your subconscious mind knows every part of you and by accessing it you can make changes subconsciously that you can't make consciously no matter how hard to try. And the best bit - you can even do it whilst you sleep! 


Imagine how calmly you can approach your driving test if your fear of failure, (or success) was as simple as arriving at the test centre and knowing you are going to tear up those L plates before the end of the day. Imagine the relaxed feeling in your mind and body as you follow your instinct, automatically and effortlessly able to manoeuvre your car triumphantly back to the test centre.


Imagine how differently you'd use your time if you then felt genuine excitement on the day of your driving test, you felt calm, confident and fully in control of your nerves, in order to arrive at that day with an inner knowing you'll succeed.


There’s a lot of fear and nervousness when sitting a driving test. Facing an examiner scrutinise every part of your driving, other unpredictable drivers to react to when you already have so much to remember to do. It’s so easy for fear to compound, and by trying to consider all possible situations you practice being fearful and then the nerves really start to set in, perhaps even noticing your foot shake on the brake pedal, and ultimately doubting your ability to pass the test.


Whether you feel like you're already in a state of panic or you know you are already on your way there, this hypnosis program was made for you! In this 3-week trance-formational self hypnosis audio you with learn to calm yourself and see and feel yourself passing your driving test, able to think all of the thoughts, feelings and sensations that come with that... 





Who is this hypnosis programme for?

If you are a learner driver and you feel nerves and low confidence in yourself are holding you back. You might enjoy driving and feeling relaxed during your lessons but are already worried your nerves might get the better of you on the day of your test.


How long is it?

23 minutes


How long should I listen to it for?

A minimum of three weeks consecutively, 1-2 times a day (more consistency supports more rapid results. Our recommendation is at least once when you wake, and once when you go to bed)


How will I access the hypnosis program?

A link to download your audio will arrive via email within 10 minutes of your purchase. You can listen to that mp3 on your preferred device.


Can I listen to it straight away?

For safeguarding purposes, please ensure you are not driving or operating any kind of machinery while listening to this hypnosis audio, you might find it beneficial to find somehwere comfortable you can sit or lie and relax, somewhere you won't be disturbed. if you’ve experienced complex trauma, you may find some of my suggestions to connect with physical sensations challenging, so please only participate if/when you feel comfortable to do so. If you do take part, you may wish to take some time over the coming days to regulate your emotions.

Calm Driving Test Nerves (3-week self-hypnosis program)

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