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The Top 3 Secrets to Driving Confidence

Masterclass date April 25th - 7pm GMT

The Me again method is for Women drivers who want to feel confident and in control to get in the car and drive anywhere without thinking about it

You've been driving for years but you lack confidence on the road

If you feel like your confidence to drive has slowly slipped. Perhaps your circumstances have changed living and working closer to home no longer needing to drive much. Or you've spent years driving as part of your job but now motorways feel overwhelming, too fast, everyone's is in a rush and you've witness too many accidents and near misses. You'd just to be able to drive anywhere without a care in the world and not to overthink every journey

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That's where the Me again Masterclass comes in

This masterclass will give you insight into the secrets which are keeping your stuck so that you can make manageable changes to feel more calm driving

With that in mind you might find that these statements hit eerily close to home...

You're spending more hours that you'd like to admit keeping busy and then doom scrolling to keep your mind off what might happen next time you get in the car.

You keep getting in the car to boost your confidence - albeit without any real gains, you're exhausted with the amount of time your consumed by the thought of " where did all of my confidence go?, I used to be so confident driving."

You feel embarrassed telling friends and family you're struggling because everyone else seems to find driving so easy. You can't stop driving, it's not an option but you feel like you're becoming more and more of a burden asking for lifts.

Since you had that panic attack when driving it's all you can think of and when you start to feel dizzy, your hands shake or you can feel your heart racing you're convinced your going to pass out!

You no longer feel comfortable driving on motorways preferring to take A roads despite adding hours onto your journey and if your honest, still not enjoying the drive.

But What if...

You could identify the key triggers which feed your driving anxiety

You could make small changes which feel manageable and build your confidence on the road

You can calm and soothe panic and feel comfortable driving once again

You are cultivating a calm and firm voice in your head that says "I can do this, I believe in myself"

You can feel your confidence getting better and better each day, being able to get in the car and just go!


My name is Jodie...

I overcame driving anxiety in 2015 and I've created this masterclass for you!

I wondered endless where my confidence had gone, I used to be such a confident driver. I felt like I had it one day and it was gone the next

I have been developing the Me again method since 2020 when I started working with Anxious Women drivers to overcome their fears of the road so that they could feel calm in the car, take exciting road trips and enjoy driving again!

I see so many women struggling - Consumed by their fear of driving. The constant thoughts of What if the worst thing happens? Convincing themselves they can get onto the motorway today and at the last minute taking a detour onto an A road, eroding what little confidence they have further. SO exhausted by the never ending cycle of considering all possible scenarios before being able to commit to plans with friends.

Besides making Women drivers the punch line of jokes. I don't see anyone talking about building your confidence to actually enjoy driving again and because I know it's possible, I'm living proof of it.


This Masterclass was born...

Jodie Phillips D.hyp Calm driving test nerves

Here's what to expect...

In this Free 60 minute masterclass you'll:

Discover which mistakes slowly erode your confidence every time you get in the car.

Start to recognise the triggers and how they show up in your life

What tools can help you to feel more in control behind the wheel

What changes you can make to start building your confidence

This Free Masterclass is available for the first 16 women to sign up, I am intentional in the numbers to ensure everyone feels safe sharing any fears and how their driving anxiety is effecting their life.

Driving Anxiety road black and white - me again therapy.jpg

Andie UK

“I am much more positive in my thoughts about getting in the car...It has been incredible for me"
"I can get in the car and just go!"

Sara UK

"I realised it was that story again, I decided I'd own it, I can handle it, I reassured panicked me and I feel so happy I've done it once and I'm going to do it again.
So thank you!"

Juliet UK

"Real hypnosis is something that can actually make a positive difference to your life - a life worth living."
Car Clap

This Masterclass is 100% for you if:

You're struggling with worry, overthinking, anxiety (whatever words resonates for you) and it stops you from getting in the car and enjoying your life fully.

You often feel overwhelmed and stuck when driving, you avoid motorways because frankly they scare you.

You feel a sense of panic when faced with what others find easy to do.

At times you feel like your mind is out of control.

You feel dizzy, naseaous, shakely and fear you'll pass out when driving

Having an internal debate that rationally you know you can do it but something stops you driving as easily as you used to.

This Masterclass is not for you if...

Gaining more courage, more confidence and more skills to tackle anxiety in your everyday life.

You're not willing to be challenged or to do things that you've not done yet.

You get upset or offended when someone gives an hour of delicous insight and value, and then opens up an opportunity to work with them more deeply at the end.

Driving Anxiety road black and white - me again therapy.jpg
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