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Self-hypnosis Library

Me again therapy's downloadable audio programmes have been designed to use when it suits you, in your life and for your wellbeing. They give you an opportunity to make time for any area's you have assessed are lacking and need more focus. Allowing you to focus on who you want to be rather than what or who you used to be.


The benefits of self-hypnosis lie in the fact that they engage your conscious mind so that you can make subtle changes subconsciously building resources such as Calm, Confidence, Resilience, Positivity and much more. And the best bit is that you can even listen to them whilst you sleep.


Your subconscious mind is most suggestible just as you wake each morning and as your conscious mind is switching off from the day. This is the most optimum time to use your trance-formational audio however they can can be used at anytime to suit you and your lifestyle.


  • Build calm in as little as 3 week's even if you feel like all you do is spin plates.
  • Here's the solution to feel instant calm in an overthinking and overwhelming world.
  • Learn how to calm your mind, slow down and appreciate the present moment.
  • Just like a flowing stream you too can find moments to be still calm your mind and energise ready for the day ahead.


Who is this hypnosis programme for?

If you feel a sense of chaos in your mind and life, if your life is so busy that you don't have a

moment to yourself, and if you have tried to find calm in other ways but you simply can't turn

your mind off. This audio will help you to focus on calm, reducing chaos with each and every



How long is it? 

Approximately 16 minutes - making it easy to fit in at the start or end of the day, even helping you to drift off to a sound and peaceful sleep.


How long should I listen to it for?

Each self-hypnosis audio has been designed to benefit you further with each and every listen. When listened to over a 3 week period you can learn to feel more calm, embedding the suggestions further with each listen.  Our recommendation is at least once when you wake, and once when you go to bed for maximum affect) Use it the more or less as required.


How will I access the self-hypnosis audio?

A link to download your audio will arrive via email within 10 minutes of your purchase. You can

listen to that mp3 on your preferred device.


Can I listen to it straight away?

For safeguarding purposes, please ensure you are not driving, cooking or operating any kind of machinery while listening to these hypnosis audio’s, and if you’ve experienced complex trauma,

you may find some of my suggestions to connect with your body challenging, so please only

participate if and when you feel comfortable to do so. If you do take part, you may wish to take

some time over the coming days to regulate your emotions.


Self-hypnosis audio's are not recommended for anyone with a history of pychosis or mental

breaks, if you have any questions regarding the self-hypnosis audios or their suitability to you

please get in touch.




Feel Calm - self-hypnosis

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